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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. sandy's death toll is climbing, 30 five people have died in the north -- 35 people have died in the northeast. in new york city the entrance to brooklyn battery park tunnel is flooded closed until further notice lower manhattan
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flooding fema sent national underwater team to drain the downtown area. more than seven million are without power. here's brandi hitt. >> reporter: good afternoon. new york is slowly starting to come back to life. superstorm sandy is living up to all warnings. at least 35 people have been killed. more than eight mill are without power. djg -- million are without power. sandy is leaving death, darkness and flooding as it moves inland. >> oh my gosh. no walls. >> reporter: the storm lost hurricane status monday as it made landfall on the new jersey shore 80 mile per hour winds. sandy had enough strength to flood lower manhattan with 13 foot storm surge and pushed this 700 ton tanker on to a staten island street. new york city subways under several feet of water. >> we've got all our resources
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to get everything open i am >> reporter: the damage is extensive in new york. a crane collapsed and still dangling 80 stories above streets. >> get on the sidewalk. >> reporter: major hospital was evacuated after its back-up generators failed. >> this is an infant. more more than 50 homes were destroyed when two fires sparked in the rockaways. >> couldn't get any apparatus. we had a boat got in the boat and went down there >> reporter: firefighters rescued dozens trapped, using that boat. damage widespread in connecticut and new jersey where families are trapped in their flooded homes. >> we are trying to do is save as many lives as is possible. >> reporter: snow is falling in eight states, ohio, pennsylvania and west virginia where they may get up to three feet. millions are without power throughout the region, including all of manhattan south of 34th street.
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it could be more tan a week before this region recovers from -- sandy. we did learn the new york stock exchange will be reopening tomorrow. brandi hitt, abc news. pg&e is sending more than 150 workers to new york. bay area crews will depart in the next couple of days. six red cross volunteers from the bay area are helping in the relief efforts and more may be sent once the airlines get back on schedule. mike is tracking the storm live in the weather center. no two hurricanes are alike. this was the storm surge. the others -- this was the real teal when it came to the storm surge trying to pump all that moisture in the corridor between new jersey and new york. circulation still impressive,
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radar returns aren't as widespread, starting to see holes as drier air is moving in. 45 miles per hour pressure high compared to yesterday it continues to rise which means the low is weak . right now near somerset, pennsylvania going to track to the west. still, 1200 mile storm but it is losing a little grip huge circulation going from hudson bay to florida. over the next 24 hours it is going to move towards buffalo then towards can dark the rainfall amounts taper as we head into friday one to two more inches possible. the worst of it is in our rear view mirror. that storm is still causing chaos for airline travelers more than 100 flights cancelled today at san francisco international. terry mcsweeney joins us any encouraging news? >> reporter: there is. also confusion any time you
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have an event as big as sandy there's going to be some. san francisco international spokesperson told me the airlines were cancelling all 114 flights in and out of sfo from those seven airports back east. i was at the united counter, one flight has taken off for boston another boarding, as we speak so there's confusion, confusion for airlines imagine what it is like for passengers. she needs to be home in new york. after 30 minutes at a ticket counter she didn't have a plight. what happened they couldn't get you on? >> no. very complicated. >> reporter: complicated? are the airlines cooperating? >> yes, they are very nice. it is just that everybody wants to fly now. >> reporter: brian's flight rescheduled for tomorrow, not going to work. >> 10 a.m. wednesday morning i have to be at arlington cemetery. the circumstances are
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definitely suck but that's my story. >> reporter: these two do have a flight but not home to washington, d.c.. >> we were in mendocino, had a wonderful time. now we have two extra days in chicago and thursday we get back. >> reporter: myron and esther are from new york city he is in no rush to get home he booked a flight to vegas. >> my wife didn't want to go to have as go now she dent have any choice. >> reporter: you are going to be -- to be a prisoner of love in las vegas. >> mirrors on the ceiling. >> where is this going? >> reporter: is if this situation needed any more confusion there was a haz-mat situation at terminal 2, 8:45 this morning they found a bowl of white powder they came to check it out, they tested it, it was not dangerous.
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that i taken eight for more testing. one more thing this airport -- didn't need. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. reminder for the latest on the cancellation go to the flight tracker on the front page of superstorm sandy resulted in never before seen destruction and situations. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with some of the most startling images. >> reporter: the flooding and wind we expect. we're talking about historic structures blown to bits, sewage spills and seasoned sailor missing at sea. the coast guard is braving bad weather, not giving up hope of finding the captain of the tall ship hms downey, alive. >> been out there all night,. >> reporter: the replica ship down off the coast of north carolina crews saved 14 onboard later discovered the
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body of a deck hand after a soggy dark night in new york mayor bloomberg is warning the weary, cleanup will not be quick. >> in addition to the lives we lost, the damage is extensive and it will not be repaired overnight >> reporter: the storm surge ripped several blocks of the boardwalk nat land tick city. in laurel, maryland this is sewage, power outage at a treatment plant caused an over-flow of two million gallons an hour in the river. a man was killed when a tree came down on his house the governor there finds a silver lining. >> we were very fortunate to be on the kinder end of this violent storm that does not take away anything from the herculean efforts of coordination and cooperate that -- and cooperation that i've seen all over the state. >> reporter: president obama
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has cancelled tomorrow's stops in ohio, mitt romney is collecting relief supplies in ohio. katie marzullo, abc7 news. count on abc 7 for your most complete coverage of the storm we'll have live updates on abc 7 news and our regular newscasts. tonight at 10 abk news will air one hour primetime special followed by abc7 news at 11. next, san francisco gets ready for one giant celebration. live look at reparations underway right now for foam's world series victory parade. >> later -- later search for
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crews are making final preparations for the world series parade celebrating the giants less than 24 hours to go. amy hollyfield is live at civic center plaza with a sneak peek at the floats on more. >> reporter: good morning. currently transforming civic center plaza workers got here 7:00 this morning and we're told they would stay until it is ready, which could be midnight. they have a lot to do in a very little amount of time. first glimpse of some of the floats you will see tomorrow. the world series champions will start the parade at 11, then end here in civic center plaza, players and dignataries will speak to the crowd from a stage set up on the steps of city hall. >> mostly the giants and the
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giants' story from them personally. >> reporter: first, crews must get everything into place, including 3500 feet of barricade, orange carpet, video screens, a stage for the band that will play at the end of the public speaking, all of this in two days. >> usually we have more time to plan. everybody came together it will happen. >> reporter: the city has learned and made changes from the 2010 parade. they've added a video screen and speakers to the other side of the plaza because the crowds stretched so far last time people complained of not being able to see and hear. they changed the route, montgomery was too narrow so they moved it to market. >> mission street is going to be closed to vehicles for emergency access and transit only. >> reporter: they are pulling this together quickly because they want to capitalize on the excitement. you can feel it here even the workers are giants' fans. >> sandoval.
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but romo, everybody. it was a great game. >> reporter: tomorrow of course is a school day uc hastings law has cancelled classes tomorrow because of the parade. san francisco schools will be open the superintendent released a statement saying every moment of instruction is important and encouraged parents to keep their kids in class. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. mass transit agencies are beefing up service to help you get to and from the parade. bart opening more and longer trains. caltrain and muni adding extra trains some will be rerouted. we posted all details at >> you can watch the parade live tomorrow at 11 a.m. right here on abc 7, we'll also stream it live, and on our ipad app. maybe the school kids can watch in class that way.
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>> we are going to be out there, excited for that. mike we are hoping for good weather, not wet. >> it won't be wet for sure parts of the bay area will be for trick-or-treating later in the day. that and your forecast coming up and how much long they are fog is going to hang around causing flight arrival delays into san francisco. a lot of changes in the forecast. first, new details emerging about those rowdy celebrations after the giants won the world series. the search for
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giants fan is suffering life-threatening injuries after police say he was attacked during a rowdy world series celebration. bonfires of trash -- public transit bus was torched. police say four people hit the victimaáq repeatedly in the hed with a metal object that happened in san francisco police are looking for his attackers. >> sunday night's world series
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celebration proved to be devastating for a san francisco homeless man. revelers torched his shoeshine stand on market one chair ed to the ground, $200 in tools up in smoke. there's a bright spot financial district workers are pitching in to help him with donations. fire and possible explosion at a san jose home is under investigation this fire broke out after 6 a.m. and caused heavy damage. investigators say one of the adults in the home called 911 to report a blast before the home caught fire. no serious injuries. meteorologist mike nicco keeping an eye on everything for us. a lot going on not only here but the east coast. we have big plans for tomorrow whether it is trick-or-treating or heading to downtown san francisco and enjoying the world series celebration with a million of your other friends. here's what is happening now, as we look down from mount tamalpais at the fog still thick an across the
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north bay into parts of the bay. from vollmer peak peak in the east bay hills clouds retreating quickly this will be the warm spot if he we make uper 70s it would be in the east bay valleys. we don't have any radar returns, we have a drier sky, this time tomorrow we'll be tracking that rain from the northwest good thing we have it up there so it can get the storm quickly once it starts to move into california. cloud cover you can see the morning clouds, low clouds, fog dissipating at a slower clip than yesterday. we still have half mile at santa rosa quarter mile novato up to a mile in napa, 2 1/2 mile visibility in san jose. still thick because it is going to hang around longer, all of us still in the 50s until you get to east bay valleys, low to mid 60s. monterey bay and inland mid to
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upper 50s mainly cloudy. late bay sunshine another cool day rain tomorrow evening for halloween drier and warmer weekend. first, talk about how the clouds back to the coast by late this afternoon, keeping new the 60s with san francisco and san mateo, low to mid 70s everywhere else except east bay valleys upper 70s. 67 monterey everybody else the mid 70s around the bay. tonight mainly cloudy, maybe a little drizzle as we start to infuse the atmosphere with moisture overnight do not believe the fog will be as thick as it was this morning many very mild, low to mid 50s we should be in the 40s in most areas. two areas of high pressure still holding down the fort , you can see this low is starting to barrel into these areas of high pressure that mean the vain on the way, 1:00 tomorrow scout showers just stray light showers ahead of the more continuous steady rain with the front that moves into the north bay during
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trick-or-treating hours, rest of us if you can get home by 7:00, 8:00, you will be dry it will start to move into the heart of the bay 7:00, 8:00, gets really heavy towards midnight through the thursday morning rush. for most people, thursday morning is going to be more of a nuisance than tomorrow evening scattered showers possible even thursday during the afternoon. inch in the north bay blue is 3/4 of an inch south bay and east bay valleys half an inch. parade day forecast, 58° mostly cloudy, 61 by the time it starts, 67 if it goes three hours like it did in 2010. take the sunglasses, you will need them, the rain gear comes in later in the eve especially north bay thursday morning tricky getting to work with slick streets, thursday afternoon scattered showers friday through monday increasing sunshine and warmth. tomorrow too bad for the folks in the north bay. just ahead, another update
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with mike on superstorm sandy. >> new york's mayor is saying it may be the worst storm the city has ever experienced.
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coming up at 3 on katie, is heaven real. and at 4, popular teen apps and privacy concerns parents
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need to know about. at 5 controversy surrounding ballot measure that will provide extra funding to one bay area zoo. those stories and more later today. tracking sandy we want to give you an update. >> you are looking at a live picture of lake michigan, wisconsin you can see how the waves are crashing into a lighthouse there >> sandy has moved inland still strong and bringing a lot of rain numbers just updated, the storm has killed at least 38 people, many hit by falling trees. >> more than eight million across the east are without power. lower manhattan was among the hardest hit areas after the storm sent 14 foot surge of seawater into low-lying streets. >> it is not over yet. going forward the biggest threat will be the continuation of the heavy know in west virginia and virginia mountains which doesn't affect a lot of people it is out there and could cause travel problems the ground is so
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saturate tad any wind could topple more -- saturated that any wind could topple more trees. it is going to continue sliding along 70 towards pittsburgh that's where the greatest amount of thunderstorms will be. here's what i'm hoping this does, because it is sitting and spinning it will hold off rain just a little longer and we can get most of us in with trick-or-treating tomorrow under a dry sky but expect a few drops and rain in the north bay. >> thank you mike. that's going to do it for now. thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> we'll continue to track
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